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Stanton Community Schools


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The Stanton School District Board of Directors met at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, December 19, 2018, in the Board Room for a regular session. President Brian Bates called the meeting to order with Directors Travis Taylor, Amy Tibben, Tom Weis and Paul Vanderholm present. Additional attendees were Superintendent David Gute, Business Office Clerk Shirley Maxwell, and Board Secretary Tammy Boyer.



Director Weis made a motion to approve the agenda with a second by Director Tibben. The motion carried unanimously.



Director Tibben made a motion to approve the consent agenda with a second by Director Taylor. The motion carried unanimously.



Superintendent Gute reported that putting in concrete in the back of the school would take place in the spring. HVAC in both ends of the building need repaired. He attended the ISFLC Conference and has a program to project finances out for 5 years.



Mrs. Lacey Stephens presented Random Acts of Kindness that the Junior High students participated in during the month of December. Each day the students did different acts of kindness to family, school, and community.

Principal Blunt reported that PTSO is looking at February 22 for their carnival. The Conference Basketball Tournament starts January 14 with the girls finals in Griswold and the boys in Fremont-Mills. A new scoretable is needed as the one we have is showing lots of wear. FFA fruit sales went well. Mr. Bob Peterson drives the Stanton bus from Stanton to Red Oak so Stanton students can attend FFA meetings that are held before school starts. The music department will have a concert Thursday evening. Ms. Kelsie Schmidt and the elementary students did very well at Santa Lucia. Student Council has planned activities for the Middle/High School students to do on Friday. There is an early out on Friday. Mr. Jeff Grebin trained the staff in Virtual Reality using equipment he was able to purchase with grant money. He has also had been getting the student computers ready for the new online assessments. The ESSA scores came out and the scores were solid for Stanton Schools.



Superintendent Gute shared a “Whose Job Is it” scenario with the board for discussion.




Director Weis made a motion to approve the staff handbook with a second by Director Vanderholm. The motion carried unanimously.



Director Weis moved to approve request to the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) for Modified Supplemental Amount and Supplemental Aid for the 2019-2020 Dropout Prevention Program in the amount of $24,903, for expenditures necessary to implement the 2019-2020 at-risk and dropout prevention program plans as approved by the Stanton CSD school board with a second by Director Vanderholm.  Roll Call: Bates, Taylor, Tibben, Vanderholm, Weis all ayes.



Superintendent Gute presented School Board Policies Code No. 300 (Role of School District Administration), 301.1 (Management), 302.1 (Superintendent Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment), 302.2 (Superintendent Contract and Contract Nonrenewal), 302.3 (Superintendent Salary and Other Compensation), 302.4 (Superintendent Duties), 302.5 (Superintendent Evaluation), 302.6 (Superintendent Professional Development), 302.7 (Superintendent Civic Activities), 302.8 (Superintendent Consulting/Outside Employment), 303.1 (Administrative Positions), 303.2 (Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment), 303.3 (Administrator Contract and Contract Nonrenewal), 303.4 (Administrator Salary and Other Compensation), 303.5 (Administrator Duties), 303.6 (Administrator Evaluation), 303.7 (Administrator Professional Development), 303.8 (Administrator Civic Activities), 303.9 (Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment), 304.1 (Development and Enforcement of Administrative Regulations), 304.2 (Monitoring of Administrative Regulations), 305 (Administrator Code of Ethics), 306 (Succession of Authority to the Superintendent), 307 (Communication Channels), 400 (Role of Guiding Principles for Employees), 401.1 (Equal Employment Opportunity), 401.2 (Employee Conflict of Interest), 401.3 (Nepotism), 401.4 (Employee Complaints), 401.5 (Employee Records), 401.7 (Employee Travel Compensation), 401.8 (Recognition for Service of Employees), 401.9 (Employee Political Activity), 401.10 (Credit Cards), 401.11 (Employee Orientation), 401.12 (Employee Use of Cell Phones).


Director Weis made a motion to approve School Board Policies Code No. 200.1 (Organization of the Board of Directors), 200.2 (Powers of the Board of Directors), 200.3 (Responsibilities of the Board of Directors), 201 (Board of Directors’ Elections), 202.1 (Qualifications), 202.2 (Oath of Office), 202.3 (Term of Office), 202.4 (Vacancies), 203 (Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest), 204 (Code of Ethics), 205 (Board Member Liability), 206.1 (President), 206.2 (Vice-President), 206.3 (Secretary), 206.4 (Treasurer), 207 (Board of Directors’ Legal Counsel), 208 (Ad Hoc Committees), 209.1 (Development of Policy), 209.2 (Adoption of Policy), 209.3 (Dissemination of Policy), 209.4 (Suspension of Policy), 209.5 (Administration in the Absence of Policy), 209.6 (Review and Revision of Policy), 209.7 (Review of Administrative Regulations), 210.1 (Annual Meeting), and 210.2 (Regular Meeting) 210.3 (Special Meeting), 210.4 (Work Sessions), 210.5 (Meeting Notice), 210.6 (Quorum), 210.7 (Rules of Order), 210.8 (Board Meeting Agenda), 210.9 ( Consent Agendas), 211 ( Open Meetings), 212 (Closed Sessions), 213 ( Public Participation in Board Meetings), 213.1 (Public Complaints), 214 (Public Hearings), 215 (Board of Director’s Records), 216.3 (Board of Directors’ Member Compensation and Expenses), 217 (Gifts to Board of Directors) with the exceptions of 216.1 (Association Membership), 216.2 (Board of Directors’ Member Development and Training) with a second by Director Tibben. The motion carried unanimously.



President Bates adjourned the meeting at 7:42 PM.  The next regular meeting for the board is set for January 23 at 5:30 PM in the Board Room

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