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History of March Mayhem

In The Beginning...


This event was originally an idea that would be a fun way to raise money to build a monument in memory of our classmates Ashley (2006) and Brooke (2007) Maley.  Ashley and Brooke were tragically taken from us in the fall of 2002.  The fundraiser was a great success, not because we earned the money to build a monument in their memory, but because the atmosphere of the day was filled with smiles, love, fun, and sportsmanship; characteristics that were reflected in the everyday lives of Ashley and Brooke.  We appreciate all the help from family and friends to make this day possible each year!

The 1st Annual March Mayhem was actually called, March Madness 2003.  In 2004, we decided it best to not use "March Madness" as our title.  After some thought, we decided "March Mayhem" should be our new theme name and created a website to promote our event, www.shsmarchmayhem.com.  The webpage proved useful for providing quick information and the needed forms to those people living at a distance from our school.  That webpage was de-activated at the conclusion of March Mayhem 2005 to save the added expense of having our own domain name.  We made the switch to host new webpages on our school's website, www.stantonschools.com. 

As the MAYHEM grows with each year's annual event, it is our intention to maintain the original atmosphere that this day was built upon.  The events and activities are all played with the highest level of sportsmanship, respect and FUN.  We hope you'll join us for an action-packed day of mayhem activities!  We are sure you'll have a blast!


We said goodbye to another schoolmate, Coty Davidson (2009) in early February.  In his memory, the funds raised from the 5th Annual March Mayhem were given to the class of 2009 to create a memorial in Coty's name.  A big THANK YOU to the class of 2007 for all of their unselfish effort and giving of themselves.  You truly symbolize the spirit of love, fun, and friendship.


The classes of 2006 and 2007 have now graduated.  Because of the role the class of 2009 played in 2007, they have inherited the responsibility and the honor of co-sponsoring March Mayhem they next few years.


These 12 years enjoyed a lot of memories, as did the early years, with ups and downs in team registrations and trying new events and occasionally bringing back events from prior years.  Every year holds something special, but the highlight for many is the time with classmates, acquaintances, alumni, family, and friends (old and new) from numerous colleges and distant states who make the effort to come back for the great atmosphere, food, and fun.  A few memories can be found on YouTube, but probably a few highlights would have to be the record-breaking years with over 40 basketball teams--as many as 29 in the Mens' Division.  Several appearances by Jamal Hurdle, one of ESPN's Top 10 Slam Dunks his sophomore year with DMACC's National Champion team, before moving on to UW-Green Bay (highlights), (HS highlights, and more HS highlights).  Down to earth and signing autographs :-). We also have hosted Mark Williams from Marshalltown, a competitive eater, who entertained us during our Hot Dog Eating contests as he prepped to compete in New York!


Due to challenges beyond our control, March Mayhem, had to be suspended.  We felt your pain as we took many, many phone calls begging us to make it work and offering to help in any way they could to help pull it off.


We are BACK!!!  See you March 25 and 26!!