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Third Grade visits the Oregon Trail!

The 3rd graders had a great experience going on the Oregon Trail at Anderson Conservation Park. Here are some quotes from the students!
“I liked how we learned about the Indians. Each ribbon on the Indian’s shirt has a meaning.” ~Andrew
“I learned the kids had to walk on the Oregon Trail. They couldn’t always ride in the wagon.” ~Anna
“The trail was long. I wouldn’t have wanted to go on the real Oregon Trail.” ~Blaine
“I learned people had to be careful of what plants they ate because some were poisonous.” ~Brody
“I learned that there were lots of troubles on the Oregon Trail. Wagons sometimes lost a wheel.” ~Caden
“My favorite part was the Indian speaker. I liked listening to him describe his tribe, his colors, and his eagle feathers. ~Devon

“My favorite part was when we got to ride in a wagon.” ~ Colt
“My favorite part was when we listened to speakers to learn about the Oregon Trail.” ~Ella
“I learned that it took two days to make one loaf of bread. My favorite part was the teepee and learning about the Indians. I thought the field trip was awesome! ~Evan
“I learned it was very hard for people on the tail. Girls had to be very graceful on the trail.” ~Evelyn
“I learned a lot of people died of cholera.” ~Hannah
“The Oregon Trail was longer than I expected it to be.” Jacob
“It was fun because we found gold on the ground!” ~Jameson
“I learned boys had to sleep under the wagon and girls got to sleep in the wagon.” ~Jayden
“I liked listening to the speakers and learning cool stuff.” ~Kiela
“The field trip was fun. It was a long ways with many stops, just like the real Oregon Trail.” ~Kody
“I learned that people got cholera, but they didn’t even know they got it. To prevent from getting it, you boil water.” ~Kyla
“I enjoyed listening to the Indian sing and dance with his drum.” ~Lacey
“I had a lot of fun on the Oregon Trail. My favorite part was listening to the Indian and the going to the trading post.” ~Lauren
“It was fun, but hot. It was hard climbing up the hills.” ~Martina
“I learned what Pioneers used as toys. We also found a lot of gold. ~Max
“I liked listening to the trapper talk about the animals.” ~Michael
“We learned how Pioneers made bread. We got to feel the dough.” ~Peyton

“I had a lot of fun. My favorite part was when I learned about animals.” ~Riley