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Corner Conference Art Fair

Congratulations to Mrs Driscoll and her Art Students!

We brought home 121 awards this year 2021

Advance Art  Total awards 39

Amanda Benson -    2nd Pencil, 2nd Crayon, 2nd Printmaking, HM Pen

Mackenzie Rocha-    1st cut paper, 1st Marker Wash, 2nd oil Pastel, 2nd  Two D   mixed media, 3rd acrylic paint

Aidan Graham-    1st Sketch book, 1st crayon, 1st color pencil, 1st 2D mixed media, 3rd oil pastel, 3rd pencil, 3rd color pencil, 3rd charcoal, 3rd cut paper, 3rd micro pen, 3rd pencil, 3rd paper mache, HM acrylic paint, HM Micro pen

Hope Ogletree- 2nd soft pastel

Ryan Volquartsen - 2nd Cardboard, 2nd Cut paper, 2nd Pencil, 3rd Pencil, 3rd 2D mixed, HM Color pencil, HM Printmaking, HM Micro Pen

Faith Ogletree - 1st Printmaking, 2nd Scratch art, 2nd Felt Pen, Hm oil pastel, HM white charcoal, HM Micro Pen, HM Acrylic paint

Beginning Art Total awards 26

Sami Helberg - 1st Acrylic Paint, 2nd paper mache

Alice Duckett - 1st Acrylic paint

Eli Davis - HM Metal Tooling

Lexi Chambers- 2nd Metal Tooling, HM Pencil, 

Alli Baker - 1st Micro Pen, HM Marker, HM color pencil, HM Pencil 

Dacey Henneman - 1st Metal Tooling, 3rd Pencil, 3rd Paper Mache

Marissa Strough - 1st cut paper, 3rd Micro Pen, 3rd Metal Tooling, 3rd Pencil, 3rd Whtie Charcoal, 

Abby Burke - 1st Pencil, 1st White Charcoal, 2nd Paper Mache, 2nd Oil Pastel, 2nd Micro Pen, 2nd Scratch Art, Hm Acrylic paint, HM Metal Tooling

8th Grade  Total awards 42

Lauren Johnson - 1st Pencil,  2nd Watercolor,  2nd Word art,  3rd Metal Tooling

Evelyn Stoakes - 3rd Tempera Paint

Kyla Hart - 1st Mixed Media, 2nd Pencil, 2nd Oil Pastel, 3rd Cut Paper,  HM Metal tooling, HM Word Art

Adam Benson - 2nd Cut Paper

Brody Gibbs - 1st Pencil, 2nd Pencil

Anna Peterson - Color Pencil HM

Devin Taylor - 2nd Pencil

Gavin Ford - 2nd Pencil

Caden Sallach - 3rd Word Art, HM Pencil

Jameson McDonald - 1st Watercolor

Simon Showalter - 1st Pencil, HM Marker

Ella Peterson - 3rd Pencil, HM Mixed media, HM Oil Pastel

Evan Gettler - HM Scratch Art

Kaitlyn Swartz - 1st Tempera paint, 1st Tempera Paint, 2nd Pencil

Hannah Olson - 2nd Metal Tooling

Kiela Franzen - 1st Scratch Board, 1st Word Art, 1st Color Pencil, 2nd Marker, 3rd Watercolor, HM Pencil

Emma Sallach - 3rd Mixed Media, HM Cut Paper

Riley Burke - 1st Cut Paper, 1st Metal Tooling, 1st Oil Pastel, 3rd Color Pencil


7th Grade Total awards 14

Meredith Roberts - 3rd Cut Paper

Taylor Valdez - 1st Pencil

Jailyn Beacham - 3rd Pencil

Erick Kutzil - 1st Cut Paper

Rylan Grebin - 2nd Pencil

Britney Silva - 3rd Pencil

Wyatt Roberts - HM Pencil

Cale Haley - 2nd Pencil

Alizabeth Maranville - HM Cut Paper, HM Marker

Jasmine Osher - 2nd Pencil, 2nd 2D Mixed Media, HM Pencil

Ethyn Jordan - HM Marker