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Stanton Community Schools


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3-on-3 Basketball

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  1. $25 Entry fee paid and roster (limit 5) turned in before game #1.
  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine first possession.
  3. A player cannot play for 2 different teams (exceptions can be granted under extreme circumstances).
  4. No swearing or fighting—failure to comply can result in disqualification
  5. Call your own fouls—Be Honest!!
  6. Take back line:  The basketball must be taken out beyond the take-back line after:
  • you rebound an opponents shot or
  • you recover a loose ball from an opponent turnover or
  • your opponent scores or
  • you steal the opponent's ball
  1. A player fouled in the act of shooting will be awarded 1 free throw attempt, whether the fouled shot is made or missed.
  2. Game winners will be determined by the first team to score 15 points; ignore overtime rules below except in the rare case the tournament administrator steps due to TIME constraints and the game is tied.
  3. The games are scheduled 20 minutes apart, but can start early if both teams agree.
  4. Scoring:
  • 1 point for all made baskets outside Mayhem Square
  • 1 point for all made free throw
  • 2 points for all made baskets from inside Mayhem Square
  • 2 point play:  shooter fouled on made 1 pt shot, then make a free throw
  • 3 point play:  shooter fouled on made 2 pt shot, then make a free throw
  • BEFORE games begin, the 2 teams agree to the foul rules above OR elect to have every foul result in the ball being checked back into play at the take-back line
  1. 1st OvertimeEach team elects 3 shooters.  Each of those players will shoot one free throw.  The team with the most made free throws—WINS.  In the event of a tie, you’ll go into double overtime.
  2. Double overtime ALL players of each team line up to shoot free throws in any order they choose and continue shooting in that same rotation until the first player on their team misses OR their team score surpasses the score of their opponent.  Each time the lead changes, the team that is behind shoots next (see example 2 below).  This continues until a team misses.  The team with the most makes in a row WINS.  In the event of another tie, repeat this same process starting with the shooter who just missed his/her shot and continuing in the same rotation as the previous overtime.
  3. Examples of Double Overtime scoring:

    Example 1:
    Team A shoots first.  Shooter #1 misses; result, Team A score = 0.
    Team B shoots second.  Shooter #1 makes; result, Team B wins 1 - 0.

    Example 2:
    Team A shoots first.  Shooter 1 makes; result Team A score = +1. (lead change)
    Team B shoots second.  Shooter 1 makes, shooter 2 makes; result Team B = +1
    Team A shoots again.  Shooter 1 misses; result Team B wins.
  4. HAVE FUN!!