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Our dodgeball rules are in effect with a few differences listed below:

  1. Every man, woman, and child for themselves.
  2. For time purposes, once you are eliminated, there is no return. (We may allow re-entry for the first 10 minutes for a fee.)
  3. Participants scatter around the gym floor.
  4. The dodgeballs will be put into play by the Royale officials.
  5. Each official will be responsible for following their ball to judge whether or not a player is eliminated from play.
  6. Once a participant has a ball, he/she can take up to 3 steps and then must throw the ball.  Any steps beyond three, the throw becomes dead.
  7. As the number of participants remaining reaches 10; the size of the playing area will be reduced to the basketball court and the number of dodgeballs reduced to 3. The dodgeballs outside of the playing area will be retrieved by non-participants/eliminated players.
  8. When the number of participants reaches 2; the size of the playing area will be reduced to 1/2 court with 2 balls.
  9. Play continues until only one player remains.  That player will be crowned Battle Royale!! Champion!
  10. The number of dodgeballs/officials at the start will be determined by the number of participants. The maximum will be 6.