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Wall Tag (The Last Assassin)


  1. All subjects (contestants) line up against the wall in the KILL ZONE.
  2. A name will be drawn to designate who will become the first assassin (thrower).
  3. The assassin tries to eliminate all of the targets in the KILL ZONE by throwing the ball and making contact with a target (without the ball being caught).
  4. If the assassin’s ball is caught, the assassin returns to the KILL ZONE as a target.
  5. A target who catches a thrown ball becomes the assassin.
  6. The elimination is continued until the assassin is the only player left.
  7. The assassin must stay behind the throwing line, except to retrieve the ball.
  8. If the assassin goes over the line, the referee will blow the whistle and a new subject’s name will be drawn out of the original list of contestants to become the new assassin.
  9. Targets hit by a LIVE ball are eliminated.
  10. A thrown ball remains LIVE until it makes contact with the floor, ceiling, wall, basket, back board, pipes, etc.
  11. Targets in the KILL ZONE must stay within the boundary lines—except to catch a deflected LIVE ball.
  12. If a target leaves the KILL ZONE for any other reason, they’re eliminated.
  13. Eliminated targets shall sit on the stage until a winner is declared.
  14. RE-ENTRY RULE:  If an assassin steps over the throwing line, ALL subjects are eligible to be drawn as the new assassin.