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Mrs. Brooke's Foods Class Researches Bento Boxes!

Mrs. Brooke’s Foods Class has been studying meal planning, garnishing, and plating. They have been learning about Bento boxes. A project they are going to work on to demonstrate those skills are to make Bento Boxes for the high school teachers and some staff. Bento is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese cuisines and other Asian cultures where rice is the main staple food. A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box.
Each student had to interview their recipient as to their food likes, dislikes and other interests, before deciding on what to prepare for them. They then took a shopping trip to the local grocery store to purchase the items. The planning stages of the shopping list were made easier by one of the students who worked at the store. They were able to tell them which aisle all items were in, so the list was compiled in the right order.
The meals were served last Thursday, Friday and Monday.
Tre: Mrs. Mainquist loves reading so he made the couscous into the shape of a book layered over roast beef, grapes and bananas to look like the universe because she loves to travel, he also cut cucumber slices into the shape of shoes because she loves shoes! Very creative! Tre served his second meal to Mr. Grebin on Friday, I would be interested in hearing his story for this box!
Marissa: Mrs. Stephens loves to read so she shaped the ham into a book, made the dip for the broccoli, made a fruit salad and added the grape tomatoes to represent Mrs. Stephens imagination. Marissa also prepared a meal for Mrs. Erickson on Friday.
Garrett: Mr. Blunt received a pork cutlet over rice, Garrett explained that the color of the pork represented Mr. Blunt’s favorite color; orange. He planned on making fried potatoes but was unable to due to time restraints. He mixed up a fruit salad because Mr. Blunt likes fruit. Garrett also served a lunch to Ms. Schmidt.
Hope: Ms. Griffen enjoyed a lunch of Alfredo noodles, Hope used Ms. Griffen’s own recipe for this dish, she added broccoli and carrots and also peaches, which is a favorite of Ms. Griffen.
On Friday Hope prepared meals for Mrs. Boyer and Mrs. Elwood.
Mrs. Boyer- Salad with Chicken, Broccoli, carrots and Pineapple and grapes.
Mrs. Elwood –Spaghetti, Cauliflower, carrots, grapes and strawberries.
Kenny: Mrs. Isaacson and Mrs. Irr
Olivia prepared her meals for Mr. Snyder and Ms. Rico
This was an awesome experience for those receiving the meals/Bento Boxes, we hope that the students enjoyed interviewing, shopping and preparing the meals as much as we enjoyed the stories of preparation and the fabulous food.
Thank you so Much to Mrs. Brooke’s Foods Class