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Asbestos Notification

Public Notice

The United States Congress has enacted a piece of legislation entitled “Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act,” or AHERA, which requires all public and private schools in the nation to comply with the provisions by October 12, 1988. AHERA supersedes a previous federal law, “Asbestos In Schools” or AIS, which was enacted in 1982. The purpose of the legislation is to ensure that all students and employees of the nation’s schools are not subject to contact with asbestos materials, as it has been determined that inhalation of friable (flaky particles) of asbestos may lead to a cancerous disease of the lungs called asbestoses.

The Institute for Environmental Assessment was employed by the Stanton Community School District to inspect school buildings and determine if there are any asbestos containing materials (ACM), especially in the form that could represent a risk. Of most concern are areas of asbestos-bearing materials which can be easily crumbled under pressure (friable materials) and inhaled into the lungs.

Beyond the asbestos assumed to be located in some concrete, roofing felts, pipe elbows, carpet glue, etc. which is of minimal public health concern, asbestos was found in some of the following types of materials: thermal pipe joint connections; thermal pipe insulation; thermal boiler insulation; vinyl floor tile.

Stanton Community School has a minimum of ACM in its buildings. These materials have been properly encapsulated by certified EPA personnel. Signs are also posted in each of these areas. Encapsulated asbestos containing materials were found primarily in non-occupied locations such as the custodial storage room and boiler room at the High School. No known dangers to students or employees currently exist. The new elementary school is asbestos free.

A detailed Asbestos Management Building Plan is on file in the school building. This plan may be inspected by the public upon request. A District Plan is also available for review at the office of the Superintendent of Schools. The Stanton School District has complied with recent legislation and has sent an Asbestos Management Plan to the State Department of Education prior to the deadline.

The Board of Directors and Administration plan to meet or exceed EPA standards as required by law and do whatever is necessary to continually ensure a healthy working/teaching/learning school environment. As always, your input and/or concerns are welcome. On behalf of the board of Directors, I would like to thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Chris Herrick, Superintendent of Schools