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Divine Stella Devine

The cast has been announced for the 2016 All School Play!

Stella Devine is the aging star of the popular Ritz Theatre. She and her fellow company of actors are preparing for the epic play ’Civil War Darlin’s,’ written by the theatre’s acclaimed playwright in residence, Nicole, who has written starring roles for Stella for 20 years. Ginger, a ’sweet Southern belle’ from Georgia, visits a rehearsal to watch her favorite star up close. She adores Stella, she idolizes Stella, she worships Stella, and, most of all, she’s there to steal Stella’s starring role. Pretending to be a struggling waitress who’s trying to raise money to get back home, Ginger lies and cons her way into the part written for the famous star. Meanwhile, Billy, an unscrupulous newspaper reporter looking for a scoop, would love nothing more than to catch Stella throwing a tyrannical fit so he can sensationalize her in a national paper. But in the midst of collecting facts, Billy and his girlfriend Loeta uncover Ginger’s evil ploy and set out to uncover her diabolical scheme. Throw in Brad and Chad, a set of twins played by the same person; Trevor, a bad actor (with a bad toupee) who thinks he really is fighting the Civil War; a dim-witted beauty of the stage; and an overbearing stage mother, and you have a fun, delightful comedy that’s different than anything you’ve ever seen before!  
Stella - Skotyi McNamara
Colleen - Chelsea Weis
Nicole - Megan Shafer
Ginger - Abby Volquartsen
Marilyn Monet - Alexis Stoakes
Trevor Trace - Camden Sundberg
Dash Tripett - Noah Kammerer
Chad and Brad - Chris Jones
Natasha - Paige Fiscus
Cortez (Billy) - Joshua Mace
Leota - Brandy Morrison
Agnes - Jody Vanderholm
Linda Lane - Chloe Smith
Lori Lane - Baylee Gibbs
Nellie - Madison Franzen
Nina - Savanna Moffett
Sam - Logan Herbert
Penelope Jane - Ally Focht
Hallie Lancaster
Waverley Brown
Ashley Reese

Kelsey Walter