The Stanton Community School District is the heartbeat of our community.  It provides a healthy focus and is one of the most important assets we have.  The privilege of providing an education for our young people is one we must never take for granted.

    Educational institutions are set up to facilitate the learning processes of individual students.  The school curriculum must be committed to providing learning experiences conducive to achieving success in a highly technological work place, mastering basic skills, applying what is learned and challenging each student to perform at his/her highest level of potential while becoming life long learners.

    The most important product we have in this country is our children.  We must facilitate their educational development and growth in every way we can.  Leadership, commitment and appropriate expectations are what make school districts successful.

    Every student, regardless of whether he/she chooses a vocation or further formal education, must be provided the learning experiences necessary to succeed in the world in which they will work and live after high school.