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Stanton Physical Plant and Equipment Levy Election on September 8 Ballot

Public Informational Meeting - Sept. 3, 7 p.m. - School Library

The Stanton Community School District has placed on the September 8 Ballot the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy question to be voted on by district patrons.  There will be a public informational meeting on September 3rd at 7 p.m. in the school library.  The meeting will consist of a short presentation on the proposed funds, uses, and will also allow plenty of time for questions and answers the public may have.

PPEL Fund Overview

Schools in Iowa have different funds to help support programs.   School districts can generate extra revenue  to support student learning through a Voter-Approved Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) for building and grounds improvements, large equipment purchases such as buses, vans, and other expensive equipment, and to purchase technology. 

The school district can support it’s financial stability by making these purchases from PPEL funds as opposed to General Funds, which then can be focused on student learning in the classroom. 

A Voter-Approved PPEL must have a majority vote to be passed, and is in effect for 10 years.   The maximum levy allowed by law is $1.34 per thousand of assessed valuation.  

A major advantage of the levy is that it can be collected through a combination of income surtaxes and property taxes, which lowers the property tax levy, spreading out the responsibility among all citizens of the community as opposed to relying solely on property owners for the funds.

Many districts in Iowa use a combination of income surtaxes and property taxes, effectively lowering the property taxes .

Actual Cost to Stanton Taxpayers—At Stanton, we believe we will buy the $1.34 down to an estimated impact of 30-40 cents per thousand  by reducing  other levy parts of the overall budget  such as the management, cash reserve, or instructional support levy.  The goal of the school board is to keep the overall levy as steady as possible while providing adequate funding for learning.

Intended Uses of the Voter-Approved PPEL

Estimated Additional Revenue

$96,000 Annually

*Handicapped Accessibility —Making our facilities accessible to those with disabilities—The Stanton School Facilities need to be more accessible to those with disabilities, chiefly the concourse, gym, and a shower area needs to be accessible from inside the building for students and patrons.  Many school districts are being told they must do this to be in compliance with the American’s With Disabilities Act.  The Stanton School Board is taking a proactive approach in this and would use funds to make these improvements.

*Technology Purchasing—With the ever increasing use of technology in teaching and learning, 1 to 1 Laptop Initiatives, and the growing digital world children are entering, the need to continually upgrade technology is essential. 

*Transportation—Stanton will use funds to maintain and upgrade our school vehicles including buses and vans, and to maintain grounds equipment.

*Large Equipment Purchases—Any large equipment  needed at the school, can be purchased from these funds. 

*Building Security—We have taken steps to secure the building during the school day.  A priority of the board is to install security cameras throughout the building as well. 

*Building Repairs and Upgrades—The district has done many things to upgrade and maintain our facilities and grounds.   As the buildings age, repairs become more common.  PPEL funds can be used to make these repairs and help maintain our school facilities.

*Financial Health for the Future—By using these funds, the Stanton School Board can help secure the future of our school district.  The district must maintain a positive authorized spending authority in it’s general fund each year.  A voted PPEL would provide another source of funding to make technology, transportation, building security, repairs, and maintenance, as well as ADA compliance, that otherwise will come from the General Fund, eroding capacity to maintain a positive spending authority.

For more information please contact Superintendent Chris Herrick at cherrick@stantonschools.com or (712) 829-2162.