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Paris–Junior/Senior Prom

  The Junior Class has been busy planning the big night of prom for the past several months. This year’s theme is Paris.  Prom will be held on Saturday evening, April 29th. Everyone is invited to watch walk-in which will commence at 6:30 PM. *Walk-in will be held in the Viking Center.* Julie Strickland of Strickland Photography will take pictures beginning at 4:00 PM that afternoon. Students have signed up in the office for a time. We ask that no parents, siblings or friends are in the picture area when the couples are being photographed. No other picture taking is permitted at that time. The meal will be served at approximately 7:00 PM with the dance to begin at 8:30 PM. We ask that only prom-goers and invited guests are in the concourse/gym area after the walk-in. If you want to take pictures of your child/date, please do so prior to this time. After-prom activities will conclude the evening. The Juniors and Seniors are looking forward to a fun-filled and safe evening and hope to see you all at walk-in!

Prom Servers

  Sophomore and freshmen prom servers are asked to report to the lunch room on Saturday, April 29th at 5:30 PM. Please remember to wear a white button-down shirt, black pants and comfortable shoes.  Please contact Mrs. Boyer or Ms. Warner with any questions. Thank you in advance for your help with the prom meal! 

Awards and Scholarship Day

  Awards and Scholarship Day will be on May 9th at 1:00 PM. Awards will be handed out to Middle/High school students and scholarships to the seniors. Parents are invited to attend.

Stanton Schools Welcomes Tim Felton: Appropriate Social Media use, Internet Safety, and Drug/Alcohol Awareness Speaker

   All adults in the community, ages 21 and older, especially parents of children with cell phones, are invited and strongly encouraged to attend an eye-opening presentation by Tim Felton, deputy sheriff in Winneshiek County, on Monday, May 1st, at 6:00 PM in the Stanton High School Gym. Mr. Felton is also employed through Eagle Ridge Tactical as a consultant and educator for schools, business, and government agencies in both security and drug abuse prevention and awareness programs.

   Mr. Felton’s presentation will be centered on the appropriate use of Social Media and cell phones, Internet safety, and Drug and Alcohol Awareness among today’s youth. He is a long-time D.A.R.E. Officer in NE Iowa. He will be speaking with the communities and students in both the Stanton and Griswold school districts. April 30th-May 2nd. He will meet with individual classes of students in grades 5th-12th, in Stanton Schools on Monday, May 1st.

Viking Pride Cafe

  The Foods II class is planning to prepare a meal for the Viking Pride Cafe. It will be served at noon on Thursday, May 4th, in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom. The cost will be $8.00. The menu is honey garlic chicken, parmesan smashed potatoes, asparagus, cranberry salad and peanut butter chocolate heaven. The class is still working on the price but will let you know. Limited seating so call the high school office at 829-2162 to reserve your spot.

2017 Art Show Winners

  The Stanton art students participated in the Conference Art Fair held in Stanton this past week. Stanton received 94 art awards, 2 best of shows-Adian Graham and Drei Hampel, and Shelby Brockshus received the Paul Andrew Clapper Excellence In Art Award.  Congratulations to the following students:

Advance art

1. Baylee Gibbs                    1st                         Pencil Portrait

2. Drie Hampel                     2nd                        Pencil Portrait

3. Megan Shafer                   1st                         Pen and Ink

4. Emma Roberts                 2nd                        Pen and Ink

5. Alexis Stoakes                  HM                         Pen and Ink

6. Alexis Stoakes                  HM                         Color Felt Pen

7. Emma Roberts                 1st                         Felt Pen Black

8. Abby Volquartsten            2nd                        Felt Pen Black

9. Mikayla Fort                      1st          Color Pencil Fantasy

10. Abby Volquartsen           2nd         Color Pencil Fantasy

11. Drei Hampel    Best of Show         Color Pencil Non- Fantasy

12. Drei Hampel                   1st          Color Pencil Non-Fantasy

13. Drei Hampel                   2nd         Color Pencil Non-Fantasy

14. Baylee Gibbs                  3rd          Color Pencil Non-Fantasy

15. Megan Shafer                 1st                         Crayon

16. Baylee Gibbs                  HM                         Crayon

17. Mikayla Fort                    1st                         Chalk Pastel

18 Aprill Fort                         2nd                        Chalk Pastel

19. Abby Volquartsen           3rd                         Chalk Pastel

20. Alexis Stoakes                HM                         Chalk Pastel

21. Megan Shafer                 HM                         Oil Pastel

22. Alexis Stoakes                HM                         Calligraphy

23. Drei Hampel                   1st          Acrylic Painting Real

24. Drei Hampel                   3rd          Acrylic Painting Real

25. Megan Shafer                 3rd          Acrylic Painting Fantasy

26. Abby Volquartsen           3rd          Watercolor - Fantasy

27. Drei Hampel                   1st                         2D- Mixed Media

28. Abby Volquartsen           2nd                        2D-Mixed Media

29. Megan Shafer                 HM                         2D-Mixed Media

30. Megan Shafer                 1st                         Wood Sculpture

31. Drei Hampel                   1st                         3D-Mixed Media

32. Baylee Gibbs                  2nd                        3D-Mixed Media

33. Megan Shafer                 1st                         Printmaking

34. Abby Volquartsen           2nd                        Printmaking

35. Abby Volquartsen           1st                         Digital Unaltered

36. Alexis Stoakes                1st                         Collage

37. Aprill Fort                        3rd                         Collage

38. Megan Shafer                 1st                         Cloth

40. Emma Roberts                3rd          Non Ceramic Sculpture

Beginning Art

41. Stormy Strough               3rd                         Pencil Fantasy

42. Stormy Strough               1st                         Sketch book

43. Hannah Elwood              1st                         White Charcoal

44. Shelby Brockshus           2nd                        White Charcoal

45. Stormy Strough               3rd                         White Charcoal

46. Shelby Brockshus           2nd         Scatchboard- Animal

47. Shelby Brockshus Paul  Andrew Clapper Excellence In Art Award         Scatchboard

48. Jessica Dickerson           HM                         Pencil Cartoons

49. Shelby Brockshus           2nd                        Soft Pastel

50. Stormy Strough               3rd                         Acrylic

51. Hannah Elwood               3rd                         Acrylic landscape

52. Shelby Brockshus           HM                         Watercolor

53. Stormy Strough               1st                         Tempera

54. Stormy Strough               2nd         Non-Ceramic Sculpture

55. Wyatt Sederburg            3rd          Non-Ceramic Sculpture

56. Jessica Dickerson           2nd                        Paper Mache

57. Hannah Elwood              2nd                        3-D Mixed Media

58. Shelby Brockshus           HM                         Printmaking

59. Jessica Dickerson           1st                         Cut Paper

60. Shelby Brochshus           1st          Decorative Furniture

61. Hannah Elwood              3rd          Decorative Furniture

Middle School 7th and 8th Grade

62. Allie Sandin                     2nd                        Pencil Animal

63. Brooklyn Adams             3rd                         Pencil Animal

64. Carston Johnson            1st                         Pencil Still life

65. Cameron Sallach            1st                         Pencil Fantasy

66. Mackenzie Rocha           HM                         Scratch Board

67. Carston Johnson            HM                         Scratch Board

68. Ryan Volquartsen           2nd                        Calligraphy           

69. Olivia Soar                      HM                         Calligraphy

70. Brooklyn Adams             HM                         Calligraphy

71. Tara Peterson                HM                         Calligraphy

72. Brooklyn Adams             1st          Drawing Mixed Media

71. Faith Ogletree                3rd          Drawing Mixed Media

72. Nicole Vorhies                HM          Drawing Mixed Media

73. Sami Jo Helberg             1st                         Watercolor

74. Allie Sandin                     HM                         Watercolor

75. Mackenzie Lancaster     3rd                         Tempera Paint

76. Levi Martin                      1st                         Metal Tooling

77. Carter Johnson               2nd                        Metal Tooling

78. Adian Graham                3rd                         Metal Tooling

79. Carston Johnston           HM                         Metal Tooling

80. Mackenzie Rocha           1st                         Printmaking

81. Carston Johnston           3rd                         Printmaking

82. Mackenzie Lancaster     1st                         Collage

83. Mikaelah Gollegas          2nd                        Collage

84. Oliva Soar                       HM                         Collage

85. Tara Peterson                HM                         Collage

86. Kenny Herbert                HM                         Collage

87. Faith Ogletree                HM                         Collage

88. Adian Graham                Best of Show         Cut Paper

89. Adian Graham                1st                         Cut Paper

90. Carston Johnson            3rd                         Cut Paper

91. Carter Johnson              HM                         Cut Paper

92. Logan Roberts                HM                         Cut Paper

93. Adian Graham                3rd                           Cartoons

94. Slade Graham                1st                           Decorative art



Junior High Girls Track

  The Stanton Junior High girls track team competed at the Hamburg Junior High Invitational on Tuesday, April 25th. The Stanton team won the meet out of the seven team field and scored a total of 122 points! 

  In the high jump, Brook Adams won the event with her personal best jump of 4-03.  Allie Sandin placed fourth in the event.  In the long jump, Tara Peterson jumped 14’2” to tie her personal best jump from last season and placed first.  Hope Ogletree placed fifth in the long jump. In the discus, Nicole Vorhies threw her personal best of 73’9” for a second place finish followed closely by Olivia Soar with a 72’6” for third place. Olivia Soar also placed third in the shot put and Faythe Goodman placed fifth overall. 

  The shuttle hurdle relay team of (Nicole Vorhies, Faythe Goodman, Bethany Goodemote and Allie Sandin) were first place finishers. The 4 x 200 team (Nicole Vorhies, Faythe Goodman, Allie Sandin and Hope Ogletree), the 4 x 100 team (Brook Adams, Allie Sandin, Hope Ogletree and Tara Peterson) and the Sprint Medley team (Brook Adams, Faythe Goodman, Nicole Vorhies and Hope Ogletree) all placed first. Tara Peterson placed first in the 400m run and the 110 hurdle event. Brook Adams placed first in the 200m hurdles. The team is scheduled to be in action again next Friday, May 5th as they travel to Corning for a 4:00 PM meet.    

Softball/Baseball Shirts

  The Stanton Booster Club will be selling baseball/softball shirts this year. They will be taking orders until May 5th, payment is needed at time of ordering. Prices will be T-Shirt $15.00, Youth M-L $12.00, Long sleeve T-shirt $17.00, Crew Sweatshirt $23.00, Hooded Sweatshirt $25.00, and Tank Tops $15.00. You may call the High School at 829-2162 to order.



8th Grade Parent and Student Meeting

  Eighth grade students and parents will have a meeting on May 15th in the high school library at 5:30 PM. We will schedule classes for ninth grade and look at long range planning for high school.

Class Schedules for Next Year

  All class schedules for next year for students currently in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades need to be turned in as soon as possible. These schedules need to be signed by parents, so if you haven’t seen your child’s schedule for next year, please ask them about it!


Good Samaritan Society Healthcare or Spiritual Ministries Scholarship

-Application MUST BE RECEIVED by April 30

Criteria for Eligibility:

High School Senior that is graduating in the 2016/2017 academic school year

Accepted into a program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree in nursing/related field or in religion/spiritual ministries.  Students pursuing C.N.A. certification are also eligible to apply.

netINS Scholarship – April 30

-Applicant must be a resident of Iowa or attend and graduate from an Iowa high school.

-Applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or one of its official territories.

-Applicant must graduate or have graduated from high school between January 1, 2016 and July 1, 2016.

-Applicant must live in the trade area of an Independent Telephone Company participating in the netINS Scholarship competition.  Applicant must have existing telephone service with a prefix number of either 585, 586, 829, 826, or 785.

-Applicant must be accepted for admission and enrolled in an Iowa college or university.

-the applicant must write a 300 word essay on “The historical and future impact of the Internet on society.”

-Apply at http://netins.net/scholarships/ and submit applications to scholarship@netins.net

Great Western Bank Scholarship - due April 30

- number of scholarships and amount to be determined yearly

- graduating high school seniors

- may attend any two or four year college or university or an accredited business school

- must be a resident of Montgomery County

Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship – May 1

-Must be of the Protestant

-Must be a resident of the State of Iowa

-Must be a full-time student at the University of Iowa

Robert D. Blue Scholarship - due May 10 - Online

-The applicant must be an Iowa resident planning to attend an Iowa college/university during the 2016-2017 school year.

-The applicant can be a current high school senior or someone already enrolled in a college/university.

-Select an individual from your community (not a family member) that has demonstrated the responsibilities of being a citizen of a community. Write a 500-word essay on what this individual has done for his/her community.

-Each applicant is "graded" upon their high school GPA, financial need, references, and their essay.

-Application is available only online at www.rdblue.org or https://www.iowacollegeaid.gov/content/robert-d-blue-scholarship



Good Shepherd Christian Preschool Registration

  Good Shepherd Christian Preschool registration will be May 4th, 5:30-6:30 PM at the Stanton Viking Center. For more information or to register at an alternative time call 829-2421.

Varfest 2017

Varfest will be held April 28th at 6:30 PM. It will held at Mamrelund Lutheran Church and is sponsored by the Stanton Community Betterment Association. Conni Delinger will speak about her travels and about being from the Swedish Village of Kingsburg, CA.

PTSO Plant Sale

  The PTSO plant sale will begin on Tuesday, May 2nd, at noon in the elementary concourse. It will run until 3:15 PM on Friday, May 5th



Saturday, 29th        6:30-Prom Walk In

Tuesday, 2nd          4:00-High School Conference Track at Fremont-Mills

Wednesday, 3rd     1:05/1:15-Early Dismissal

Thursday, 4th         4:30-High School Boys Track at Corning

Friday, 5th              State Large Group Music Festival at Atlantic

                  4:00-Junior High Track at Corning





Sausage Gravy Pizza













Breakfast Bar




Pancakes & Sausage

  on a Stick






Rib/Hot Dog

Baked Beans


Mandarin Oranges




Italian Pasta








Chicken Pattie/Bun


Mixed Vegetables

Tomato Juice





Chicken Nuggets

Baked Beans




Banana Muffin



Italian Burger


Broccoli & Cheese

Mandarin Oranges

Mixed Fruit

Chocolate Chip Bar